2011 Award for Producer

Many in this business knows who Chris is, the man behind the technology in Falkoping Spreader. At Winter Congress NordicWay2011 in Östersund, Sweden, he was awarded the winter price of SEK 20 000, and honor og honour.

The motivation of the price is:
Industry Group for the operation and maintenance to the winter price give recognition to Chris Friggeråker and Friggeråkers Värkstäder AB that through their activities made a substantial step in the trade area winter operation of roads. The work is of great importance for technology development, road safety, accessibility and environment.

Industry Group consists of the Transport Administration, Skanska, Peab, NCC og Svevia

080520 - Product info

• Spray bar for dust control
• High speed spreading
• Hot water salt spreading


070529 - Product news

• High speed spreading
• Hot water salt spreading
• GPS controlled spreading



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